Birth Pools

Birth pools provide a birthing mother another environment in which to labor and possibly give birth. Using a birth pool has been shown to:

  • Decrease pain by reducing stress hormones, allowing the mother to produce endorphins to act as pain inhibitors
  • Offer perineal support, which decreases the risk of tearing and reduces the risk of an episiotomy
  • Increase relaxation, allowing the mother to focus more on the birth
  • Allow free movement and labor positioning
  • Promote more efficient uterine contractions

Sage-Femme will talk with you about using water during labor and delivery so you can choose if you would like a pool to be included in your birth experience. We have multiple styles available for rent.

View the Birth Pool Overview here.

View the Birth Pool Comparison Chart.

Mail or fax the completed Birth Pool Rental Agreement to reserve a Birth Pool.