Meet the Sage-Femme Team

Sage-Femme Midwifery is an affiliation of independent women’s health professionals who provide compassionate, holistic, women’s care throughout the lifecycle.

Kelly McDermott

Founder, Licensed Midwife,
Certified Nurse Midwife

Kelly, Founder and Director of Sage-Femme Midwifery, was called to midwifery as a ministry and vocation by the birth of her first child at home in 1984. Like many midwives, her relationship with birth has been long and varied. She has been privileged to serve as a direct-entry midwife, a Certified Professional Midwife, a labor and delivery nurse, and is a Masters prepared Certified Nurse Midwife. All six of her children were born at home. Her return to home birth is a celebration and a rekindling of her commitment to women and birth.

Lindsay Barton

RN, Empowering Mama’s Birth Services

Lindsay came to Sage-Femme as a previous ICU RN after 11+ years in the hospital setting and an empowering, life-changing, successful, VBA2C. She discovered her love of all things pregnancy, birth, and beyond, through that of her own three children. After undergoing cesarean deliveries for her first and second child (per the mainstream medical system), Lindsay was truly scared when she discovered she was expecting her third. Excited to welcome another member of her family but feeling backed into a corner, forced to accept another surgical procedure, she found a ray of hope with Sage-Femme and welcomed her daughter through a successful out of hospital, water birth. This experience was so empowering and inspiring for Lindsay that she now feels called to share this dream and assist other women who too, may be unaware that they have other options. Her plans are to attend midwifery school with aspirations of serving women and guiding them in achieving what they dream of, not what they are told to expect.

Rachel Gural

RN, Giving Hope Birth Services

As the oldest of 8 children, Rachel has had a passion for all things mother-baby since her earliest memories. Her family is a testament to the strength of women who persevered against all odds in the name of motherhood. She came to Sage-Femme after 13 years as an RN, most recently in the ED. Through her years in the hospital, Rachel realized that a holistic model of care is paramount and felt called to a deeper level of caring for others. She found that depth of compassion at Sage-Femme. Rachel plans to start midwifery school in the summer of 2023. When she isn’t learning the art of baby-catching, she loves spoiling her nieces and nephews, spending time with her dogs, and enjoying the outdoors.

Sarah Read

ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator

Sarah Read has been interested in educating and empowering families in preparation for childbirth since her first pregnancy, during which she became fascinated by the strength and knowledge of the birthing body. With a background in special education, she decided to pursue certification as a Childbirth Educator and has enjoyed combining her love for teaching with her belief that every birthing person has the right to information and support as tools towards a safe, empowering, and satisfying birth experience. Having had an incredible homebirth with Sage-Femme, she is excited to add There’s No Place Like Home childbirth preparation classes to her teaching schedule. Sarah is also a DONA Certified birth doula.

Becky LaBombard

MSED, Certified Lactation Counselor

Becky LaBombard, owner of The Milk Mentor, spent much of her career working in education primarily focusing on coaching, advising and counseling. After years of experience breastfeeding her three children and running her employers corporate lactation program, she decided she wanted to be out in the community helping others to feed their babies and reach their breastfeeding goals. Becky is available to help with education, latch concerns, position troubleshooting and guidance, goal setting, what to do when breastfeeding isn’t working, bottle feeding, pumping and flange sizing, return to work, weaning, nursing through pregnancy, tandem feeding and beyond. When not helping others to feed their babies, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, listening to podcasts and going on adventures with her children.

Sherilyn Pellitteri

A Mother’s Love Birthing Services

Sherilyn Pellitteri is the owner of A Mother’s Love Birthing Services. Having worked in a variety of clinical settings throughout her nursing career, she has always found her passion to be in serving women and babies. Sherilyn is mother to 3 children and each of their births affirmed her calling to serve families and provide the support so needed during the childbearing year and beyond. She feels both humbled and privileged to be a part of the sage femme team and currently provides nursing and administrative support from her home in Kentucky.

Abigail Emerson


Medical Assistant, Sunrise Birth Services

Abigail is an aspiring certified nurse-midwife (CNM). She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Russell Sage College. As a nursing student, Abigail has had the opportunity to care for people throughout all trimesters of pregnancy, including during labor and the postpartum period. Her interest in childbirth began when she was just three years old, at which time she experienced the birth of her sibling at home into hands of Kelly Mcdermott. She was fascinated by books about conception, pregnancy, and birth. She also attended birthing classes at the Family Life Center in Albany with her family. In addition to her passion for midwifery, Abigail is a certified 200 hour Kripalu yoga instructor with experience in teaching prenatal yoga

Jodi Henderson


Jodi has been in the maternal child field as a hospital based registered nurse for her entire 15+ year career. She has experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, lactation, postpartum care, pediatrics, and Labor and delivery.

Jodi’s 5th and 6th (of 6 individual births) children were born at home with the Sage Femme team. It was after those empowering birth experiences that Jodi made a professional commitment to bringing Evidence Based Childbirth Education to all birthing people. Her very personal goal was to help all people achieve sharing the claim to having their best births.

Jodi specializes in Shared Decision Making Skills, Physiologic Birth, and Perinatal Pelvic Biomechanics. Her special training in Pelvic Biomechanics as a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator offers pregnant people and their support person techniques for a more comfortable, enjoyable pregnancy and an approach to labor management for an easier birth.