Placenta Services

Sage-Femme Midwifery offers “in house” placenta services. When birthing with Sage Femme, you will not have to lift a finger to create your own placental solution. Prior to the birth, your encapsulation consultation will take place by phone or at Sage-Femme. Your placenta is transported after the birth, processed and returned to your home at your postpartum visit.

Cara Del Favero provides all placenta services. She is an OSHA Certified placenta encapsulator, providing the area’s most extensive “menu” of placenta preparation options. The most common option clients choose is to have their placenta steamed, dehydrated, and processed into a fine powder and placed into pills.

A full package ($200) will include placenta pills (flavored caps available for an additional fee), a high efficacy alcohol tincture, a light drinkable essence, a sealed placenta print, an umbilical cord keepsake or umbilical cord donation and four weeks of breastfeeding support with a CLC.

A la carte options include organic placenta chocolates, delicious (and placenta taste free!) smoothies, artistic colored placenta prints, skin salves and creams and the creation of a placenta nursing necklace in conjunction with the owner of Two Birds One Stone Jewelry (additional fees apply).

Cara also holds certifications as a labor doula, postpartum doula and lactation counselor and is well acquainted with the unique nature of scheduling for childbirth. Visit for more information on placenta preparations and to review past client experiences.

Placenta Questions?

We encourage you to reach out to our team with any questions you may have.

Payment Questions?

Many plans reimburse for homebirth services. We are able to assist you in determining if your insurance will cover the services we provide.

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