Placenta Services

The placenta is high in iron, beneficial vitamins and hormones and the consumption of placenta medicine by the mother has been reported to ease the postpartum transition in many ways including increased energy and good feeling, increased milk supply and shorter duration of postpartum bleeding.  Many mothers who have consumed placenta pills after previous experiences with postpartum depression report less or no symptoms.

Hannah Grace Birth Services – Placenta Encapsulation
Hannah uses the Traditional Chinese Method which has been used to treat infertility and poor lactation, among other conditions, for thousands of years. The process includes:

  • Sanitizing work space and equipment
  • Cleaning the placenta and draining it of excess blood
  • Removing the membranes and the cord, which is dried in a heart shape as a keepsake
  • Steaming the placenta
  • Slicing the placenta and dehydrating for 12-16 hours
  • Grinding the dried placenta into a powder and placing into capsules
  • Packaging the capsules in glass amber jars for quality storage
  • Sanitizing equipment and work space

Hannah will pick up the placenta at the time of the birth or within the next 48 hours and returns it fully processed and 24-48 hours after pick-up. The package includes the placenta capsules in a glass amber jar, an umbilical cord keepsake and directions for consumption and storage.                Contact: Hannah Gregory, (607) 226-4267,,

Albany Doula & Placenta Encapsulation, Cara Del Favero
Have your placenta fully processed into easy swallow pills, tinctures, homeopathic remedies and more with the convenience of never leaving your home! Albany Doula, an OSHA certified placenta services provider, brings placenta encapsulation to any interested clients. You will not lift a finger and in one to four days, your placenta products will be returned to you at your postpartum visit! What are the benefits of placenta encapsulation? You could:

  • Have an increased breast milk supply.
  • Enter motherhood with more energy and vigor.
  • Reduce your risks of postpartum depression and other mood disorders.
  • Enjoy a faster recovery from childbirth and reduce constipation.
  • Increase your nutritional intake with the addition of iron and vitamin-rich placenta products!

The Sage-Femme Placenta Wellness Kit comes with: placenta pills, high efficacy placenta tincture, a bottle of light drinkable placenta essence, a dried umbilical keepsake or cord stem cell donation, one handcrafted and sealed placenta print, handmade sitz bath, recovery herbs, four weeks of breastfeeding support with a CLC . You can also add on a la carte options such as flavored pills, placenta chocolates, homeopathic remedies, fine art prints, placenta smoothies, placenta skin salves and more! To find more information on encapsulation, to book and pay online or to learn about other complementary doula services, visit

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