Notes from Kelly

Sage-Femme Midwifery is pleased to announce the 2016 Birth Statistics!…

A great year at Sage-femme Midwifery!!!


Planned Home Births-64

Planned Hospital Births-2

Hospital Transfers-8


Induction-2 natural

Breech- 1 at home


VBAC-8 attempted, 7 successful, 88% success rate

Vaginal Birth-63

Cesarean Section-3 (5%) [*Hospital Rates by county: Albany 33%, Saratoga 36%, Schenectady 32%]


Sage-Midwifery has a billboard!  During January of 2016, Sage-Femme Midwifery has a billboard on Delaware Avenue near the Normanskill Creek in Delmar.  It displays one of the Sage-Femme families with Kelly.  Check it out!

270.1215.DaytimeCloseUp.DELAWARE AVE, 50' NO NORMANSKILL, ES

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