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February 20th, 2:45 am

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February 18th, 12:46 am

A most healing weekend .....
Mama number one .... her first babe born too soon ...so many questions ... why ... what did I do... how can it not repeat ... what do I want this time around .... am I crazy to imagine a different way ?????... self reflection and a growing commitment.... she feared.... but deep down ... she knew.... yes.... she knew it could be different .... so it was.
Welcome fullterm young miss .... in the comfort of home... a most healthful fulfillment of a dream .... all because .... her mama knew 💜💜💜💜

Mama number 2.... birth stories are as varied as the mamas and babes involved. Victory is the same.
When birth happens to a woman ... without her participation or consent .... sometimes the healing is in taking back the power and refusing to ever be that vulnerable again.
Taking back the power can mean rewriting the script .... honoring what you know in your core and insisting on it.
Simply following that gut instinct ... IS the triumph .... and that sweet, squishy lil girl .... forever a reminder of the time you claimed your birth as your very own!
Welcome lil miss 💜
After a beautiful weekend of celebration .... appts resume 💜💜💜💜
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February 16th, 4:56 am

Off a birthin ... See MoreSee Less

February 12th, 7:08 am

Due to the impending snow and ice, the administrative office is closed today.

The answering service will take your calls. Pregnancy and urgent health related calls will be routed to the midwives.

Appointments are as scheduled. Please put safety first when deciding whether to venture out and message your midwife if you choose not to come to your appointment.

Be safe and warm!
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February 8th, 8:03 am

There is nothing more beautiful than watching a young family grow 💜
Welcome round-faced boy 💜
Appts resume !
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