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September 20th, 9:38 pm

Yup...... off a birthin! ... See MoreSee Less

September 20th, 1:47 am

I’m often asked, by somewhat anxious mamas to be, “ How many are due when I’m
I try to impart the faith I’ve come to depend on .... “ No worries.... offer it up.... I’m every place I’m supposed to be”!
Besides.... it’s never those with close dates that compete for my attention!
In the Plain community.... autumn is wedding season .... as the “ Newly Married” enjoy married life,they come to require our services 9 + months later.
Today’s mama journeyed long and hard.......A couple days later she received her daughter into her arms💜
Her dear friend tried to get me to “spill the beans”!
I could only laugh and say .... you’ll be hearing the good news soon enough!”
She chuckled .... then shared ....” I know I’m not due for 2 weeks ... but I’m contracting every 6-8 minutes and have had lots of bloody show”!
“ Can you sleep?”, I ask!
We shall see !
Welcome lil Hannah Rose!
Your anticipated new friend is a Maybe baby in the wings.
Appts .... might be .... resuming 😊💜
Check back 💜
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September 17th, 1:52 pm

Off a birthin ... See MoreSee Less

September 17th, 4:58 am

Maybe baby ... See MoreSee Less

September 17th, 12:57 am

Midwife desaparecido.... reporting in .......
So ... when is “off a birthin”...... extended beyond the babes’ arrivals?
2 babes in 24 hours and a human need for sleep took over!
First sweetum surprised all with her early and speedy arrival. (Those MDHs like to keep us guessing). In the, proverbial, “ maybe”, “oh yeah”, “I just had a baby 😲😲😲💜”, this mama rocked the world!
As the “ family midwife”, I’m proud to introduce the first lil girl in recent history... Can you see the pink in her future ?????💜
Second mama walking the path for her first time ..... as many, ( most) do ... she wondered ( doubted) ..... am I up to the enormity of it all?
Enormity indeed, as lil man tilted his head and presented a five hour,( pushing), challenge .... FIVE HOURS???,
Who does that ????
This warrior woman ... that’s who !!!!!💜
H .... if you ever doubt your ability to navigate the contests of life ... keep me on speed dial.... I’m
here to testify 💜💜💜💜
Welcome lil miss and lil mister💜💜💜

Spent my Monday in the glorious “Plain” community”..... no need to announce “appts resume” as the Plain folk don’t plug in💜
Back with the “English” later today and reflecting on the richness of my calling💜
Appts resume 💜
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September 16th, 1:03 pm

Kelly does not have cell service until after 4pm today.
If you need to get in touch with her urgently,
please call 518-568-2535.
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