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November 12th, 3:02 am

Seems it’s time to remind ...( but don’t get me started bout snow in November 😳)!
If you have a scheduled appt and don’t feel safe venturing out ..... please reschedule!!!
Time with your midwife is
supposed to be therapeutic ... not scary!! 💜
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November 11th, 4:42 am

So open and accepting, the Plain community calls!
The words... “ Whatever you recommend”..... are not a part of my empowerment ethos. I want each woman (and family) to choreograph her own perfect experience!
The Plain insist on guidance and direction.
In my way .... I , of course, detail options!
But experience informs my knowing ... and finally I suggest .... “ if you do .... your baby will be born in minutes” ...... so she does .... and he arrives!!!!
A third boy joins the trio of youngins for this sweet family.
The Amish and I are cultivating a new way .... our dance is evolving .... but slowly........I am committed to serving this community in a respectful, and sensitive way ... one that also encourages license to claim their rights over their own bodies.
For now we meet in a middle of sorts!
I’m so blessed to still be learning.... over 32 years in !
So blessed to be welcomed by this simple, love-filled community 💜
Appts resume 💜
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November 10th, 2:49 pm

Off a birthin ... See MoreSee Less

November 8th, 8:15 am

Still a maybe baby but appts as scheduled .....?until?????? ... See MoreSee Less

November 7th, 7:01 pm

So it seems that the theme lately is babies who insist on getting their own way and demanding birth on their terms! I have learned the lesson little ones, never think you know what will happen and learn to roll with what you get! I’m a little late posting... but off a birthin’ last night and appointments resumed this morning! A big welcome to baby E and congrats to Mama D and Papa B! ... See MoreSee Less

November 7th, 9:39 am

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