Sage-Femme Studio

To truly be with women is to recognize, respect, and trust the wisdom that is integral to each woman and baby and to support them in teaching us how we can best meet their needs. As an important part of meeting their needs, we have opened Sage-Femme Studio. Sage-Femme Studio offers classes, workshops and presentations on a variety of pregnancy, birth, general healthcare and parenting subjects. Classes are offered on a changing schedule and fees vary.  Many are free and they are open to everyone.

Sage-Femme Studio Classes

There’s No Place Like Home
Join us for a childbirth education course to help you prepare for having your baby at home. Topics will include the natural physiology of labor and birth, comfort measures in a home setting, labor support for partners, breastfeeding, newborn basics and so much more.

Breastfeeding Basics
“What if I have to return to work?”  “How do I know if my baby is getting enough?”  “But my partner/grandparents/sister really want to be able to feed the baby too…” Join us for a course that will address these concerns and discuss the advantages of breastfeeding, the lactation process and the needs of the parent & infant.  The class is geared toward those who are anticipating or undecided about breastfeeding. Partners/support person are encouraged to come.

Babywearing Education Class
Are you expecting or did you recently welcome a newborn into your family? Are you planning to use an infant carrier or wrap with your child? Do you have a baby that is outgrowing your current carrier? If so, please join us for this free event on safe and healthy babywearing given by a pediatric occupational therapist and babywearing mom. We’ll discuss the benefits of babywearing, safety guidelines, and what to look for when purchasing a carrier. Babies are welcome to accompany parents and caregivers.

Back To Work – Breastfeeding & Pumping
The US Surgeon General and American Academy of Pediatrics recommend breastfeeding throughout baby’s first year and beyond, with exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months. This course offers mothers information about expressing milk, using a pump, milk storage and how to cope with being away from your breastfeeding baby/child. If you bring in your pump, hands-on skills will be taught, as well as pump demonstrations.

Essential Oil Basics
The information about essential oils is limitless! This will be a great workshop to go over the basics and leave with a solid foundation of essential oil know how: the top oils to use in your home, what makes essential oil therapeutic, the therapeutic benefits of each oil & how to use them effectively, how to create your own oil blends, how to identify the difference between essential & therapeutic oils.

Happy Babble Preview Class
This class provides a playful environment where parents or caregivers and their hearing children learn ASL signs and research-proven Signing Smart Strategies while playing and interacting. Activities include gross motor play, large and small group interactions, reading, singing, and much more! More than simply teaching “routine” signs, the classes are full of both useful signs as well as ones that are most motivating to your child. Ideal for children 6 to 24 months.

Health Consequences of Environmental Estrogens and Breast Thermal Imaging
Estrogen dominance encourages the development of breast cancer and can stimulate breast tissue that triggers fibrocystic breast. Thermal imaging has the ability to show the heat associated with the backup of foreign estrogens in the body in a radiation-free, painless, safe, preventive screening, regardless of age, size or density, or nursing. Learn how to protect your family from these risky toxic body burdens and receive $50 toward Breast Thermal Imaging.

Herbals & Your Family’s Winter Health
Learn how using herbals can help keep your family healthy during this cold & flu season. Practical advice!

Homebirth Siblings
Are you getting a new baby brother or sister? How exciting! Come learn what it will be like when the baby comes, watch a fun video, play with a babydoll to learn how the baby will eat and get a diaper change and more. All kids will get a big brother or sister certificate!

Infant Massage
Join us to learn some specialized tips & techniques of Infant Massage which has bonding benefits for both baby and parent. Please bring a blanket, food grade oil (olive, grapeseed, etc.), boppy or pillow.

Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet with Essential Oils
In this workshop you will learn about the amazing benefits of Young Living therapeutic essential oils and how they can replace all over the counter medicines. From cuts and bruises to cold and flu, there is an essential oil that will work to help restore health and vitality to your family. If you are looking for a more holistic approach to your family’s wellness, this workshop will help establish a strong foundation of essential oil understanding.

Placental Encapsulation
Your placenta holds the potential to contribute to a smooth and healthy transition post-partum. Come learn more about the healing properties of your placenta and the process of placenta encapsulation!

What You Need To Know About Vaccines
Join us as we explore the evidence behind vaccinations. Learn more about stimulating your child’s immune system.


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