Meg from Queensbury, February 6, 2020

Choosing Sage-Femme was the best decision I have made as a mother. I wish I had the words to describe not just what home birth means to me, but having competent care providers who took the time to know and understand my needs. I couldn’t imagine a better experience or better women to be by my side at birth. Thank you forever.

Hillary from Troy, February 6, 2020

I’m not normally one to write reviews, but I have always been someone who reads them in depth before using a service or purchasing an item. I’m not known to make any important decision without extensive research/reading, and my choice of Sage-Femme was no exception. I had written a very long winded review of Sage-Femme, describing their many glowing attributes and the details of my incredible experience, but it occurs to me that people don’t often want to read a book to find about the quality of an item or service. So I’ll try to be short and to the point. Kelly and her team are excellent, intelligent, highly proficient, well-educated, experienced, and committed professionals who execute maternity and well woman care to the absolute highest standard of perfection. Personally they are warm, kind, caring, gentle, non-judgmental, genuine, concerned, and available. I am happy to call them my provider, as well as my friends. A better quality birth experience does not exist for women in the capitol region, period. They all spent extensive time and effort to ensure that my care ( and that of my son) was of the absolute highest caliber. We made informed decisions together every step of the way. I was never treated as anything but a unique and valuable individual, with every right to making my own choices regarding any care/testing/treatment/procedure that was potentially involved in my experience. This journey was the opposite of typical; it was unique, and special-tailored to me, my husband, and my baby and our personal needs. Kelly and her team completely raised the bar for any medical professionals I ever come in contact with, and I doubt anyone else will come close. Kelly, Brianna, Hannah, Kristen, & Suzi- from the bottom of my heart-thank you. You have all truly blessed my family in incomprehensible ways and I cannot wait to grow my family with you all again. As I said initially- I would try to make this short, this was the best I could do.

Miah from Rensselaer, September 4, 2019

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe this group of ladies who make you feel safe, calm, and one of the family! These women dedicate so much of themselves so selflessly to other women’s health and the babies they deliver! I always felt loved and important and the delivery of my daughter was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. Kristen and Kathie were terrific and I am so grateful to them. They cheered my husband and I on and practically handed us the world when all was said and done. I love telling my birth story and talking about these ladies! Forever Grateful! We love you all! Thank you!

Yahari from South Glens Falls, NY, August 20, 2019

I don’t even know where to start. I met with Kelly in December of 2018 to see if they fit what my husband and I wanted. She gave my husband and I all the information we needed to know plus some other offices to check out and see who fit us the most and where we felt the most comfortable. As we headed out my husband and I asked each other if we wanted to stay with Kelly’s practice or see what was out there. I instantly said I wanted Sage-Femme as our guide to a home birth. From there I met Kristen and Kathie. Such loving midwives! The care throughout my pregnancy was beautiful. Always answered my questions and concerns. Never did I feel upset. They just went above and beyond what I could expect during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum visits. During birth, Kathie was just so encouraging and just reminding that my body was to do what it was supposed to do. I loved that they just let me do my own thing following my instincts. I can’t recommend Sage-Femme enough because of the care they provide!

Charlotte from Castleton, NY, February 6, 2019

I have enjoyed the care of Sage-Femme Midwifery for all three of my sons’ births! This team provides care that is thorough, evidence-based, professional, and compassionate. The midwives’ gentle guidance allowed my husband and I to be “at the helm” while fully supported and informed. In addition to having all my questions answered at appointments, I received a binder full of information and resources designed to help families stay organized and focused on optimal health and well-being. The Sage-Femme midwives paid attention to my needs–physical, mental, spiritual, social–while bearing witness to my transformational process. Becoming a mother is no joke! They LISTENED and provided me with a safe space to reflect on the changes I was experiencing during pregnancy and postpartum. I loved birthing at home in the good hands of Sage-Femme with my family all around me. My third birth took place outside on a lovely late summer afternoon. He came out breech, and that breezy natural birth would not have happened without Kelly’s trust in the process and willingness to attend us.

Virginia from Granville, NY, August 14, 2018

I received only the best care from Sage Femme Midwifery! Kelly and Kristen were amazing, leading me through my pregnancy, and my baby’s birth. Every question I had was answered thoroughly and each concern I had was met with a calm, informed response. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more qualified or more supportive midwifery!

Antoinette from Albany, NY, August 12, 2018

Sage-Femme Midwifery gave me the simple, safe, at home birth I wanted and my son had a beautiful birthday. Kelly was a wonderful support.

Leah from Albany, NY, August 7, 2018

There are not enough good things to say about Sage-Femme! My post is a little late as my baby is now 6 months old, but maybe that makes it all the better. Even 6 months later, I am so thankful for my experience with them. After receiving prenatal care through a medical practice and delivering at a hospital twice, I had to do something different with the third. I was sick of not being listened to, having my questions ignored and my requests plowed over by the “experts”. Truth be told, I was completely terrified to deliver again because of the things I had been through. It only took one meeting with Kelly to know that she was who I needed in my life. Every (hour long) appointment was for ME and my baby. Kelly listened to every question and struggle I had. She had empathy and truly cared for me throughout my pregnancy. Our planned homebirth was beautiful and one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I felt supported and in control of my own body. The weeks following were filled with support, more answered questions and terrific post-natal care. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced! I absolutely recommend Sage-Femme to anyone and everyone – and if the time comes, I would most definitely come to them again.

Whitney from Gloversville, NY, August 7, 2018

Sage-Femme Midwifery is absolutely wonderful! My homebirth was hands-down one of the best experiences in my life! All prenatal care was very personalized and they dedicated the full hour for each of my appointments. They provide you with the needed information and let you, as parents, make all your own decisions and take control. I wish I had known about them prior with my first pregnancy. Kristen delivered my son and she set a nice, calm tone for labor and delivery. They took great care of my newborn and I! If I was having any more kids I would choose them again, no doubt!

Candace from Glens Falls, NY, June 20, 2018

Kathie helped me with my VBA3C, which I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I could not have done without her. She was very attentive, answered every question I had, and I highly recommend her to everyone.

Jenna from Albany, NY, June 16, 2018

Sage-Femme Midwifery has raised the bar for all other providers for me. I never realized what support and care really meant until I became a Sage-Femme client. Kelly and her team of midwives, birth assistants and birth educators give the kind of medical care women truly deserve. They are thoughtful, professional and deeply committed to those they serve. It’s not a job for them but a calling. My birth experience was drug free, intervention free and super empowering. I did it, and Kelly, Kristin and Amanda were there to support me through the processes.

I especially appreciated the home visits near the end of my pregnancy and in the weeks that followed. It made a world of difference in the bitter January and February cold. I also borrowed many books and DVDs from their library. It’s little touches like that which just add icing on the cake. If you chose Sage-Femme for your birth don’t miss the chance to connect with other families at their twice yearly reunions and through one of their home birth/nursing classes. Thank you Sage-Femme! (That includes you too Suzi) I give them my highest recommendation.

Jamie from Grafton, NY, April 13, 2018

I appreciate Kelly’s model of care. There is a stark difference between her ways and the typical OB practice. She allows you to be “captain of the ship” which meant the most to me. After being told how my pregnancy and labor and delivery would go by OB’s in the past, it was nice to not have to argue with my provider concerning my desires and how I wanted my labor and delivery to go. She is supportive! So supportive and very knowledgeable. She’ll lay out the risks and benefits and then let you make your decision. I felt totally secure in her care. Kristen was a superstar provider as well. Never rushing post-partum visits and she too has vast knowledge which is so reassuring. My children always looked forward to seeing Suzi at the office. She’s such a loving person and great with kids. Sage femme is a remarkable group of women who serve so selflessly.

Amanda from Schenectady, NY, January 23, 2017 & April 12, 2018

I cannot even begin to describe how thankful we are to have Kelly and her team throughout my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter. With my first child, we wanted to do a homebirth, but couldn’t make it work and ultimately had a hospital birth with a different midwife group. When we got pregnant again, I had my heart set on a homebirth. I did my research and found that absolutely everyone recommended Kelly. She did everything in her power to help us achieve our goal. Our appointments throughout my pregnancy were informative and non-judgmental, always on time and lasting the full length. I found her to be more of a supportive friend than a typical care provider. She helped me with my anxiety throughout my pregnancy and included my son in our appointments. She even met with my mom and MIL to ease their minds on homebirth. I ended up having the birth that I so desperately wanted. Our families cannot say enough good things about how great she and Kristen were. We will 100% use Sage-Femme when the time comes for another pregnancy and birth.

Soojee from Albany, NY, April 10, 2018

Sage-Femme is the best! I am so grateful to have received such loving care from Kelly and her amazing team throughout my pregnancy. My birth was such an incredible experience and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their positive encouragement and support. Kelly is very informative and will always have an answer to all of your questions. She will give you the best care the capital region has to offer. I feel so blessed to have been treated like family by such wonderful women!

Kristy from Hunter, NY, March 14, 2018

I had such an amazing experience with Kelly and Kristen! The prenatal care, birth, and postnatal care went above and beyond anything I could have expected. They truly care about your hopes for your birth experience. Each prenatal visit had time to discuss any questions or concerns. They were nonjudgmental and never pushed their thoughts or opinions on us. They told us the options and allowed us to make the decisions that were best for our family. I would recommend Sage-Femme to everyone!

Megan from Rexford, NY, February 19, 2018

I had such an amazing experience with Kelly and Kristen! The prenatal care, birth, and postnatal care went above and beyond anything I could have expected. They truly care about your hopes for your birth experience. Each prenatal visit had time to discuss any questions or concerns. They were nonjudgmental and never pushed their thoughts or opinions on us. They told us the options and allowed us to make the decisions that were best for our family. I would recommend Sage-Femme to everyone!

Emily from Ft. Johnson, NY, January 10, 2018

After doing some research and a couple of interviews I decided on Sage femme and Kelly for my care during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. It was the best decision I could have made. Kelly supported me throughout my pregnancy, answering my questions, reassuring me of my decision to have a VBAC at home, and allowed me to trust myself. With Kelly and Kristen’s guidance my son was born. My one regret is not searching them out sooner and having them at my eldest son’s birth. Thank you to a wonderful team!

Megan from Sloansville, NY, July 20, 2017

It’s only taken me 4 months to write this review!!! Kelly delivered me when I was born 26 years ago so I always knew I wanted Kelly to deliver my baby. She’s a very special person, her calling is definitely bringing these sweet babies into the world and showing the moms how powerful they are. I also have to mention how amazing Kathie and Kristen are. I had the best experience with all of them. I recall one moment when I was laboring in the tub she was pouring cups full of water on my belly and calming me down, she was going to let my husband take over to give us bonding time. Let me just tell you, as soon as the switch happened I yelled for Kelly to come back. Sure my husband might have been doing the same thing but Kelly’s presence alone and how she talked me through each contraction made all of the difference. I love you guys and never could thank you all enough for bringing my sweet Eva into the world!

Josephine from Albany, NY, July 20, 2017

One of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life. It is an absolute privilege to call Kelly McDermott my midwife. ♡

Brynn from Evans Mills, NY, June 29, 2017

We were so fortunate to discover Kathie with Sage-Femme. Our birth experience was beautifully peaceful, everything I had hoped it would be. My husband and I have utmost respect for the midwives that truly go above and beyond to ensure birthing and pre/post care is professional, natural, practical and genuinely peaceful. In our location( northern part of NY), we do not have access to home-midwifery services, like Sage-Femme…Thank you, thank you Kathie, for traveling as far as you did to see that “Little Wil” entered this world the way he was meant to!

Heather Ann from Ballston Spa, NY, April 29, 2017

I can’t say enough good things about Kelly and Sage-Femme Midwifery. Because of Kelly’s support, faith in me and prenatal care, I’ve just recently had my 2nd unassisted home birth, following two unsavory hospital births. My third child (first home birth) was the most euphoric experience that I could never fully explain. Yes, euphoric. Not painful. Not scary. Not dangerous. If you want to be truly in control of your birth plan, choose Sage-Femme!

Quianna from Albany, February 8, 2017

I am absolutely late with my review, but Sage-Femme Midwifery is the absolute best! I am beyond blessed for the opportunity that I had to be under their care during my pregnancy. From Day one Kelly, Susan & Kristin took excellent care of me. I originally started off going to Albany med. & it just wasn’t for me. Kelly & Kristin were hands on, took time to make sure the baby & I were great, & made my experience beautiful for my husband and me. We thank you Sage-Femme! I wish I could’ve brought you to California with me.

Melinda from N Bennington, VT, November 8, 2017

Kathie was truly by my side from beginning to beautiful end with the birth of our sweet baby boy. She took so much time to answer all of our questions and provided us with articles, statistics and evidence-based information on a multitude of areas we were especially concerned with so that we were thoroughly informed and confident in every decision that we made surrounding our birth, our health and our baby’s health.

Our baby was born at 44 weeks! As definite outliers, while everyone else was saying “induce, induce, induce”, Kathie stood by our decision to wait until our baby was ready. She monitored my health and the baby’s closely and always made sure my mental health was supported. We laughed a lot in those final weeks even though I felt crazy for most of it! Kathie delayed her family vacation and birthday celebration in order to see us through to the end. We had been in it together for so long! I feel extremely fortunate to have had this partnership. Would do it again with her in a heartbeat. I love Kathie!

Also of note – Kristen did two of my postpartum visits and she was a dream as well. I loved getting a different perspective and she was equally as kind and patient. Thank you, Kathie and Kristen!

Johanna from Albany, NY October 26, 2017

Choosing Sage Femme is the BEST decision you can make for you and your baby. Kathie treats you as a friend and person/ not just another patient and liability! Experienced midwives who actually trust you as a mother, without any fear-mongering that is rampant among doctors and other obstetric care providers. My only regret is that I was unable to use Sage Femme for my first birth experience. By the ways labor and delivery was hands down the best experience! I would do it with Kathie exactly the same all over again.

Lela from Carlisle, NY, October 10, 2017

My experience with sage-femme midwifery was wonderful. I was pregnant with my 4th child in a not as expected situation. Trying to get the right prenatal care and not wanting to return to the same place where I delivered my 2 children before. I wanted to work with Kelly again as I had with my first child but I live a ways away from her office and was trying to stay close to home. But that didn’t work out, because it seemed no one else was as caring and understanding of my needs as a pregnant mom of 3. Kelly worked with me wonderfully to make it convenient to have my checkups. She was so caring with my fragile situation. It was such a feeling of relief when I came back to her. Like coming home when you’re completely overwhelmed and scared in a situation. My delivery was beautiful, Kelly was so encouraging. It was such a relief, and I was not scared at all during labor, I felt so confident I was in good hands. In the roughest hardest part of labor I was (as many women are) ready to give up and run away from my own self. But Kelly’s words and respect for exactly what I wanted were perfect to get me through to the moment I waited 9months for. To hold my daughter Linnea in my arms. I’m so thankful for the care I had with Sage-Femme Midwifery.

Erin from Clifton Park, NY, July 31, 2017

It was a wonderful experience all round. I felt listened to and well taken care of. Everything was well handled. It was an empowering, peaceful birth.

Sarah & Josh from Albany, NY, July 24, 2017

From our first interview with Kelly to postpartum appointments and managing insurance claims, my family and I were impressed with the strength, knowledge, warmth, and professionalism of the Sage-Femme team. Kelly and Kristen both possess the confidence and mastery one wants when preparing to welcome a new baby into the world, while maintaining flexibility and support for our preferences as a family. They welcomed our toddler into the journey, asked the right questions to provoke careful thought, and met us all with warm smiles and capable hands when it was time to welcome our son. The office itself embodies this capability; it is as inviting, clean, and comfortable as it is professionally managed. The logistics, paperwork, insurance questions, lending library, etc., were handled with a friendliness and experience that paralleled Kelly and Kristen’s time with us. Many thanks to the Sage-Femme team for such a smooth, personalized, empowering, and respectful experience. We highly recommend this group!

Sarah from Wilton, NY, July 1, 2017

I can’t imagine a more perfect way for my daughter to have entered the world than into Kelly’s loving arms! We transferred to Sage-Femme about halfway through my first pregnancy after typical prenatal care and a hospital birth just didn’t feel right. My husband and I felt so empowered from the moment we switched. Kelly guided us to make the choices that felt right for us, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience but never pressuring our decisions. Our prenatal appointments, birth experience, and postnatal care far exceeded any expectations I had of what my first pregnancy would be like. I feel like we truly became a part of the Sage-Femme family when my daughter was born and we’ll use them again in a heartbeat for any future pregnancies!

Hannah from Saranac Lake, NY, June 28, 2017

We were so thankful that Kathie was willing to take us as clients, as finding a midwife in the North Country is no easy feat. Thanks to Kathie and Kristen for traveling two hours for our home birth, and specifically for Kathie’s willingness and heart to help North Country women! We had a smooth and safe delivery, and now have a beautiful baby girl, and a well recovered Mama!

Olga & Dimitry from Guilderland, NY, June 23, 2017

We decided to have a home birth at the very last moment – a couple of weeks before my due date. Kathie Breault and her daughter were taking care of us. I can’t express all the gratitude and respect I feel toward these women. Kathie was even able to find common grounds with my husband, who is a tough person to deal with. Thank you, Kathie, from our whole family!!!


Theresa from Albany, April 8, 2017

Sage Femme Midwifery including Kelly, Kathie, and Kristen are amazing individuals, above and beyond being amazing midwives. Our home birth (my very first birth) was an incredible experience thanks to them from the moment that I switched my care to the practice. They go above and beyond to care about you, your baby and your entire family’s transition into welcoming a little one. They were so helpful not only before and during the birth, but after in too many ways to list here. I cannot recommend them enough to ANYONE looking for quality care, and to feel empowered as a woman going through the birth process.

Catherine from Glenmont, April 7, 2017

The Sage-Femme team provided me and my baby with the best possible care, and I wholeheartedly recommend this practice. After two previous births at local hospitals, I knew that my doctor did not understand my desire for a natural birth. I continually felt like I was fighting to be respected and Kelly McDermott immediately put me at ease. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, she also believes that birth can be empowering if the mother’s needs and wishes are considered. Initially I was nervous about the costs associated with home birth, but Suzi was patient and helpful in answering all of my financial questions and providing the necessary paperwork to give to my insurance company. I also see now that it is impossible to put a price tag on feeling fully supported when you are at your most vulnerable, or feeling celebrated when you’ve accomplished your life’s greatest feat. How funny it is that I planned my wedding– another day I carry in my heart forever– with such care (and money), but I had not afforded my previous births the same consideration. Today, instead of another “war story” about how I survived a grueling labor and still managed a natural birth at a hospital, I have only joyous and peaceful memories of my daughter’s birth at home. For that, I will forever be thankful to Sage-Femme.

Christine from Albany, February 5, 2017

Please visit this link to read my Sage-Femme Midwifery birth story: http://www.unspeakablevisions.com/2017/02/clarks-birth-story.html

Nathan from Rensselaer, November 10, 2016

My wife and I couldn’t have been happier with Sage-Femme. Kelly and her team are some of the most caring people that I know. They do everything they can to create an atmosphere that makes you as comfortable as possible. I would recommend them to anyone. As God blesses us with more children we would love to have them be a part or our family experience.

Julia from Rensselaer, November 10, 2016

Could not recommend Sage-femme more to any pregnant mum! I moved back from Australia to New York with roughly three months left in my pregnancy and had such an amazing experience even in such a short time. They helped make my dream of having a home birth come true with limited time. The only disappointment was that I didn’t get to spend the full 9 months under their care! Could not complain about any one of these amazing ladies! From the sweetest and caring receptionist Susan, to their chiropractor (who was a lifesaver while I was experiencing back labor), and to Kelly and her assistant who took such amazing care of me, my family, and my beautiful daughter during a hard birthing process and even now. They are so selfless, caring, and excellent in what they do. We looked forward to every appointment and actually miss going in to see Kelly and their staff. Cannot wait to be pregnant again to spend the full 9 months with them! Thank you Sage-femme!

Josephine from Schenectady, November 22, 2016

Sharing this is something I know I want to do, but I’ve been hesitant for fear of being judged for sharing what some may see as too personal for social media. My hope however, is to inspire women to #birthwithoutfear, to trust their bodies and to give in to the power of #naturalchildbirth. I want to show them that birth is not so scary and that it doesn’t have to take place in a hospital, unless that is their wish. I want to show women that through the pain there is laughter, there are happy tears and there are moments of sheer bliss that will never be forgotten.

This birth was unique because there was a chance my partner would not make it in time for the big day. Because of this we devised a plan. My best friend would stand in for him should the baby come early. My midwife & her assistant would of course be by my side to help bring this baby safely into the world. Two amazingly talented friends – one a photographer and the other a videographer – would be there to capture it all for us and a mother in law to help tend to the littles should they be awake.

As each woman walked into my home all the fear and anxiety surrounding my partner’s absence was washed away. With each woman to arrive, I sighed a sigh of relief, here they were – my tribe – and they were there just for me and this sweet babe who was quickly making her entrance into this world.

Looking back I realize there is something so incredibly powerful about being surrounded by only women. It’s something I honestly can’t even put into words. They had all once been exactly where I was in that moment – birthing babies just as our bodies are designed to do. They knew EXACTLY what I was experiencing – a sort of comradery to birth. It was amazing and I can’t even begin to express how incredibly grateful I am for their love and support during this beautiful moment in my life.

Here is a link to the blog and video for anyone who would like to hear the full story or see this amazing birth and how my partner was there without actually being there ❤


Melissa from Ballston Spa, October 12, 2016

Aaahhh, Sage-Femme Midwifery, writing the name of this wonderful community brings a smile to my face. Kelly McDermott and her team of midwives and assistants and the support she has created through Sage-Femme Midwifery is unlike any other place that will ever provide care for you and your family. Kelly has delivered three of my children in the comfort of my home while providing the most excellent support and care. My husband and I felt led to not have any ultrasounds on our 4th pregnancy. We truly wanted to trust God and trust the way in which this birth unfolded. Kelly helped us deliver, safely, twin boys at home. We never hesitated to deliver at home and new we were in the best possible place and with the most capable person, Kelly McDermott, with her team to help us welcome the newest 2 additions to our family!!! Thank you Kelly!!!

She is professional, kind, and giving of her time, experience, and self. She and Kristen Klein and Kristen Benoit are a team and choosing to have a birth with Sage-Femme Midwifery means you will have a team of loving people supporting you and your baby the entire time, including awesome postpartum care. Being supported to have natural, unassisted births (at home) has allowed me as a woman to grow into the mother I am to be. The unexplainable honor to embrace the pain and joy of natural childbirth in my home is something I will cherish forever and recommend to everyone!

Jasmin from Troy, October 3, 2016

I could not have asked for a better provider!! Everyone at Sage is amazing and unbelievably sweet. I don’t think I would’ve gotten my HBAC (Homebirth After Cesarean Section) without them. They support you both physically and mentally and I will never use another practice other than them!!

Elizabeth from Rensselaer, August 24, 2016

I would highly recommend Kelly and Sage Femme Midwifery to anyone who is looking for quality care, educated choices and personal touch. I’ve now had three children with Sage Femme Midwifery all were successful planned natural home births. From the day I told Kelly I was pregnant to my 6 week postpartum checkup, she has been attentive, caring, supportive and kind. Appointments were never rushed, all my questions were answered, options were presented and overall care given.

I also had an early miscarriage at 7 weeks, the staff was caring and compassionate. They helped us through our loss and took the time to explain our options as well as what to expect. They encouraged us not to hesitate to call and even thought Kelly was on her personal vacation, she phoned me to see how I was doing. It is rare to find this kind of one on one personal care in the medical community.

Lauren from Glenmont, August 23, 2016

My introduction to one of the most beautiful women in the world – Kelly McDermott – began nearly 5 years ago when she caught my soul sister’s daughter in the most intimate and sacred space of her home – created intentionally to bring forth her baby into this wild world. From that moment I knew that whenever the time came for me to actualize my dream of becoming a mother there would be no one else with whom I would feel safest, most confident in and most comfortable with. Her expertise in women’s health overall continually blows me away. Her effortless ability to relate to women, their partners, their children and their lives allows for such ease when inviting this woman into your life. She is such a gift to this community. After moving to Maine and falling in love my dream of being in close proximity to Kelly seemed unrealistic, but somewhere deep within myself I knew she would always be an integral piece of my story. My journey into motherhood has been one filled with the greatest joy and the most heart wrenching pain over the last two years – and Kelly has stood by me in trust and faith from day one – even though we were separated by miles. She held my hand and walked me through two miscarriages – never doubting me or my body – helping me fall into a space of surrender and trust in my weakest moments.

When I became pregnant for the third time and made it through my first trimester I packed my things and ventured home to NY to be in the loving hands of Kelly and Sage-Femme. It seemed as though I had no other option – nothing could come close to comparing to the level of care and attention I would receive with this practice. And I’m so glad I did. I can say with the utmost confidence that the experience with Sage- Femme is unparalleled and I wish every woman could get just a taste of the sweetness when embarking on the journey of connection with the women who create the team. Each visit encompasses far more than a mere 10 minute check in. All realms are explored, fears navigated, questions answered with clarity and the most thorough explanation. The relationship that forms is a perfect blend of trust, intimacy, laughter, care passion and compassion. These women become an extension of family. There’s really nothing quite like it.

All of the moments of my pre-natal care prepared me so well for my time during labor and birth. Had the relationship not been established I wouldn’t have trusted that I could follow through with the birth I dreamed of. Kelly and her team encouraged me, trusted me, allowed me to be in my fullest expression of rawness and vulnerability that ultimately enabled me to birth my daughter and give birth to myself in an entirely new way. The gift of Kelly and Sage-Femme is beyond compare and certainly beyond the confines of words. I am forever grateful for the family we’ve created, the love that’s been shared and the wisdom bestowed upon me on my path to motherhood. 

Evie from Albany, May 17, 2016

I had a home birth after two caesareans with Kelly and her team. I have never felt more safe, supported, and empowered in my whole life. Sage-Femme was there for me throughout my entire pregnancy, they listened & answered my questions and treated me like an intelligent human. I can’t imagine a better birth experience.

Andrea from Troy, April 3, 2016

Kelly was my midwife for both of my pregnancies. You can’t find a better health care practitioner. Kelly’s standard of care surpasses any that I have ever seen. She focuses on what the patient feels, wants, and needs. There is rarely a wait to see her before an appointment and if so, it’s less than 10 minutes. Then she dedicates an entire hour each visit so no one feels rushed and every need can be addressed. Kelly offers both holistic and conventional solutions for medical issues. She encourages each of her ladies to have the birth experience they have always wanted and she will do everything in her power to see that it happens. My first birth with Kelly was in a hospital and my second was at home. Neither experience would have been the same without the enrichment of Kelly’s presence and expertise! You absolutely can’t go wrong with this woman! Her practice is called Sage Femme Midwifery – look her up! 🙂

Jennifer from Latham, March 3, 2016

Our family can’t say enough about how awesome Kelly and her whole team is. She makes your pregnancy and birthing experience everything you want it to be and more. She is a great listener and will never make you feel rushed during your prenatal appointments. She is super knowledgeable and that made us feel safe about birthing our children at home. We couldn’t imagine going through anyone else in the whole process of having a baby. We highly recommend her!

Christiana from Saratoga Springs, February 15, 2016

I think it’s truly amazing how blessed my daughter and I are to have had Kelly and her team by our side through our home birth experience. Especially considering, Kelly was there for my mother for the birth of me 22 years ago! After my first visit to sage-femme midwifery, deep down I knew I felt most comfortable there even though I was still undecided about a hospital or home birth. Being my first pregnancy, I wanted to explore all my options. But it didn’t take long before the home run was chosen! And if I could go back, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Absolute most difficult but empowering thing I have ever done and I couldn’t have done it without all the strong women and my fiancé beside me. I am beyond thankful!!!!

Brittany from Rensselaer, February 5, 2016

Sage-Femme is more than just a team of care providers- they are like a family! The caliber of care you will receive is unmatched in today’s medical care model. The midwives and nurses do everything in their power to make you feel supported, give you options and treat you with respect. It truly is YOUR pregnancy, body and birth. Their expertise clinical abilities paired with their intense compassion create award-winning care. Midwifery and caring for women is more than just their business; it is their calling and way of life and it clearly shows! Thank you Sage Femme for empowering me- through my pregnancy and after!

Maria from Freehold, January 26, 2016

My prenatal care with Kelly McDermott and all the staff at Sage-Femme Midwifery was wonderful! My delivery at home went great! My handsome little boy was born the day before Thanksgiving 2015. This was my first pregnancy and I’m so happy that I went with the midwives and delivered at home. The great thing about home birth for me was that the midwives came to my house over the first two weeks to check on me and the baby. That was nice not having to go anywhere right after having the baby. Thank you everyone at Sage-Femme Midwifery for a wonderful home birth experience and the best pre and post birth care.

Zenya from Clifton Park, January 20, 2016

The experience we had with Kelly and her staff was wonderful. I had already had two vaginal deliveries in a hospital with another doctor, and although we had no bad experience, we wanted to have something more intimate with our third baby. From the first meeting with Kelly we knew that there would be no turning back. The way she treated us and the attention we received at each appointment was very good. In all appointments we clarify doubts, we receive information and stipulate what we wanted for childbirth. The home birth was a great experience, followed by postpartum visits from Kelly and her team. I never felt alone! Not only do I recommend Kelly and her team to all pregnant women, but from now on this is the only way I see myself giving birth in the future.

Heather from Albany, January 5, 2016

From my very first phone call to Sage-Femme Midwifery, I felt that my desires for my pregnancy and eventual birth of my baby were important. The initial phone conversation I had with Sage-Femme staff was longer than the discouraging ten minute appointment I had at an OBGYN practice the day before that left me feeling alienated and like my opinions didn’t matter. Upon first meeting Kelly, I felt immediately comfortable. She exuded experience, passion, and warmth. It was obvious that she is a seasoned pro who truly values developing relationships with the families she works with in order to create a pregnancy and birth experience that is healthy, supportive, and empowering. Sage- Femme uses a team approach to care in which the family is allowed the right to make the final decisions after being provided with options and education. In addition to this, Kelly and her team provide the incredible gift of time. I always felt like my concerns were being addressed and that they mattered. Sage-Femme Midwifery is a special place and choosing them was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have and will continue to recommend them to friends and family who have babies in their future.

Rachel from Cohoes, January 5, 2016

I had one very medical birth, two non-medicated at St. Mary’s (with great midwives who I still love and respect), then when it closed its doors around the time I got pregnant, I decided for a homebirth with my last. It was wonderful. The prenatal care was top notch. My kids loved going to the appointments too! I was in a lot of pain during my 3rd pregnancy and it started again with #4 so she quickly recommended me to a fabulous chiropractor – the rest of the pregnancy was pain free! So thankful. I went longer past my guess date then any of my other pregnancies. It was emotional enough but boy can people say insensitive things when you are “late.” She was so calm and reassuring. Professional, yet motherly. As for the birth time, it was so nice being able to feel so emotionally comfortable the whole ride of labor. No scooting out the door when you’re 8cm active labor to a bright, noisy hospital with staff you’ve never met and a room you’ve never seen. And this team is the best there is because Kelly being a CNM can bring (in appropriate ways) the hospital to the home and the home to the hospital when necessary. Truly the best way to birth.

Alicia from Esperance, September 4, 2015

I have nothing but amazing things to say about the Sage Femme Midwifery experience and I don’t know that I can even find the right words to describe them adequately! I was a late transfer (28 weeks) from a regular OB who I felt was just not giving me the attention and quality of care that I was looking for in bringing my little guy into the world. I had two friends whose faces literally lit up when recommending Kelly and the Sage Femme team so I decided to meet them for a consultation. My husband and I fell in love with their style of care, which is so holistic and addresses every aspect of not only prenatal care and preparing for the birth but preparing for life with the baby afterwards as well. We always felt that we were receiving such knowledgeable and quality care at each prenatal appointment. We couldn’t have asked for a better homebirth experience, the team of ladies (Kelly, Kristen B and Kristen K) were so calming and confident. I didn’t experience a moment of worry during the entire birth because I knew the baby and I were receiving such a high level of care and the ladies were so supportive of my ability to bring my baby into the world both safely and in the way that I wanted. After he had arrived and the Sage Femme team had taken care of everything and left us all happily tucked into our own bed in our own home- my husband and I looked at each other and said “Can you imagine having done that any other way?” If you are on the fence at all about the care you are receiving elsewhere or feel that you may be unhappy with “typical” prenatal care and birth, I urge you to meet the Sage Femme team. I tend towards wanting an overabundance of information on things and I researched this decision for quite a while- and every bit of research on birth in general that I did only pointed me further in the direction of wanting midwifery style care and a homebirth experience for the safety and long-term outcomes of myself and the baby. Choosing the Sage Femme Midwifery team for that care is the best decision I could have made and I am grateful every day for the experience with them that I have had and will have when any future little ones come along.

Gretchen from Cobleskill, July 16, 2015

I have had 5 babies with Kelly, one while she was still working in the hospital setting and the other 4 while at home. All of my labors were tricky but Kelly got me through it all. She is a wonderful midwife, her team is great, and I trust them completely.

Nadia from Niskayuna, June 26, 2015

I want to express my sincerest gratitude and admiration for Sage-Femme Midwifery and Kelly McDermott and her All-Star team. We are so appreciative of all the hard work they did. Kelly, Kristen and Shelby went above and beyond in every single way. We cannot recommend Sage-Femme enough! They are extremely knowledgeable and professional and took the time to answer every single question we had (and continue to have). They helped us with a VBAC home birth and made it one of the best experiences we have ever had! Baby and Momma are strong and healthy! Thank you everyone for your support!

Frank from Clifton Park, May 21, 2015

Kelly and the ladies will be with you for the long haul. We are super impressed by the love and strength they possess. Their passion for birth is amazing and I am impressed by what they have to offer. Stay out of the hospital world for your baby’s health. Unless you have an emergency or complication, you can do it at home. You have the power and Sage Femme will back you up!!!

Jen from Albany, May 3, 2015

Our search for a midwife began after seeing the documentary Ina May Gaskin: A Birth Story, so the vision we had for what we wanted was a very particular one based on the midwives of “The Farm.” We wanted someone strong, a feminist, knowledgeable, skilled, experienced, passionate, AND compassionate — a kind of “earth mother,” so to speak. We essentially felt like we were putting two lives in this person’s hand, and so we needed to feel that person was capable of caring for us in both a deeply intimate and also a medically sound way. We also wanted a hospital birth, so we needed a midwife with hospital privileges. After interviewing a few other area midwives, we could not find what we were looking for and were just about to give up and go the standard OB/GYN route. I stumbled across Sage-Femme Midwifery online, and we marvel to this day at our luck.

The team of women at Sage-Femme Midwifery (the practice of midwife, Kelly McDermott) are the kind of people you trust with your most sacred moments and can also chat and laugh with as if you’ve been life-long friends. The level of both care and comfort we received is (I’m assuming here since we have no other birth experience to compare it to) unparalleled. From Suzi who runs the office to the women (for us this was Kristen Klein and Shelby Robertson) who assist Kelly at births, all the folks at Sage-Femme are amazing. Both the prenatal and postpartum follow-up care are extremely thorough. Appointments last an hour, not 15 minutes like at a doctor’s office. Ultimately we ended up having a home birth that brought our amazing and beautiful son into this world. Our labor and delivery was a long one, and these incredible women never left our side.

Sage-Femme also holds some awesome family (and family-to-be) events — like the holiday party, which is great for connecting with other like-minded families and fundraisers like the March of Dimes March for Babies.

Of course we expected good care, but we never expected the high level of care we received from this team of women who now feel like family. We highly recommend working with Sage-Femme for an incredible birth experience from start to finish (and beyond). It has almost made us want to do it again!

Travis from Knox, April 28, 2015

Sage Femme Midwifery delivered all three of our babies. What amazes me the most is that they take the time to get to know the entire family and seem to tailor their approach to that family’s preferences, attitudes, and lifestyle. I appreciated having my input solicited as often as my wife’s and I felt like I had more than ample opportunity to ask questions, express concerns, and help make decisions. The entire Sage Femme team is a rare blend of humanism, wisdom, and clinical expertise that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Racey from Essex, April 26, 2015

Throughout my life I have had excellent guidance and encouragement from various coaches. Yet, no team of coaches has made me feel more capable, courageous and confident, as did my team of midwives from Sage-Femme Midwifery. They were calm, collected and quick thinking throughout our long labor. We were not a statistic to be monitored according to national averages; instead, our 9 months of quality appointments meant my indicators of wellbeing – physical strength, health and a positive mentality – guided their decision making throughout labor. This knowledge, combined with vigilant monitoring of baby Lewis’ reactions to each step in labor helped them coach us through the intensity of each contraction, bringing confidence that progress was happening without focusing on time or numbers, or location. My partner and I feel that they protected, fought for and ensured the mindful, natural birth we wanted despite an unplanned hospital transfer. We can’t wait to work with them again for the next one.

Oksana from Saugerties, April 24, 2015

Kelly was a blessing for my family. I first contacted Kelly over the phone when I was looking for a doula to support me during birth of my second child and help me to try for VBAC in hospital settings. Kelly told me that she does not provide doula services and referred me to other people. Then when I was 36 weeks pregnant I saw Kelly in person at Ina May Gaskin’s movie night. After the movie, Kelly made a small talk about her experience with Ina May and her current midwife practice that provides services for home and hospital birth. The way Kelly talked about women and birth fascinated me. I was 36 weeks pregnant and as it was getting closer to the due date, my concerns about having a VBAC in a hospital setting with my current OB practice were growing. I approached Kelly that night and asked about hospital birth with her – after a C-section with my first child I wanted a VBAC but still in a hospital setting. We met in Kelly’s office next morning – after talking to her for 30 minutes I decided to switch practice and deliver my baby with Kelly. I switched practices at 37 weeks! Kelly took care of everything – scheduled a visit for me to see Burdett (the hospital where she delivers), paperwork, lab tests. Every time I visited Sage Femme office I felt so warm and confident, all my questions were answered. She helped to rotate my baby to have him in better position for birth. When the time came Kelly came to our house and spent many hours with me helping tremendously to go through each and every contraction. She drove to the hospital with us. It was a long labor (25 hours), but I had my baby via VBAC with Kelly. I do not think I would be able to do it in traditional hospital settings – I think I would end up with the second C-section. I could not be in better hands. If we ever decide to have a third child it will be with Kelly at home.

Katrina from South Glens Falls, April 22, 2015

I experienced three completely different hospital births (all of which I had difficulties or regrets about) before hearing about the option of home birth. When I was first introduced to Kelly and her practice I was amazed at the difference in the level of care I received as compared to the Obstetricians office. Our first meeting was about 1 1/2 hours long and Kelly just took to time to get to know us and our family and our history and thoughts for the upcoming birth.  What a difference as compared to the 5-10 min visits with some random OB/GYN that didn’t really know me or my situation. Then every visit after that was also generally an hour long and always left me feeling very at ease and completely comfortable with Kelly and her practice.

I have now had two home births with Sage Femme and I have been thrilled with both experiences. Everything was calm and relaxed and choices were left completely up to me! What an amazing experience and what an amazing team they have! I highly recommend everyone at least meet with them to find out more about home birth even if they never dreamed of going that direction.

Michael from Latham, March 23, 2015

We had an amazing experience with all the women at Sage-Femme. It was our first pregnancy and we did a home birth, which went perfectly. I will recommend Sage-Femme to anyone in the area. Thank you!!!

Samantha from Greenville, February 5, 2015

Kelly told me once that her goal is to empower her ladies to trust themselves to know their bodies and know that they don’t really need her specifically in their child birthing journey – giving birth is about the mama and her babe, and she’d hope that each mama would feel that her journey was satisfying no matter who caught the babe at the end. Sage Femme does an excellent job empowering women and working with families. Office visits with Kelly are like having tea with a favorite aunt; children playing at your feet or in the waiting area, while talking about family, kids and growing babies. Actually laboring and birthing at home was a dream; night and day different from rushing to the hospital (been there, done that, and it was awful). Kelly and Kristen Klein attended me, and really made sure that they were what I needed them to be – if I wanted company, they were there, if I wanted space, they were not. When labor seemed slowed, and was different than in the past, Kelly knew exactly what was not aligned and asked me whether I wanted her to speed it up or not. There was never any pressure; no one looked at the clock or rushed off to anywhere. Every decision was mine to make. Kristen has an amazing bedside manner and calm competence that will make her a wonderful midwife. And, of course, Kelly’s reputation as the best is well-deserved. I highly recommend Sage Femme both to women who are having babies, and who are looking for a better style of well-care than OB-GYN offices can offer.

Amanda from Berne, December 14, 2014

Hands down the best experience a woman and her family could have. Having Kelly and her team is as good as it gets! Fast call backs with any questions, or concerns. Kelly knows how to bring babies into this world, the right way, for the right scenario, no question about it. 5 stars all the way!

Heather from East Berne, December 9, 2014

I have had several different midwives I have been the most impressed, and the most comfortable with Kelly. Her experience and skills are invaluable, and you can tell that she is always learning and seeking to improve upon those skills. I most appreciate the way Kelly listened, informed, but was respectful of our desires and decisions. The pregnancy and delivery of my third child was not without complications, yet Kelly was able to provide the support and care the baby and I needed and we had the best birth experience in the comfort and safety in our own home.

Kelly provided care that was above and beyond. She followed up with additional bloodwork and helped me with options for a postpartum condition that was presenting several months after the birth. Always kind and compassionate, she is truly a minister for women and babies. If we are blessed with another baby, we will be very happy to call upon Kelly again.

Emily from Oneonta, October 31, 2014

Although I rarely give a perfect 5 star review, I can think of no reason not to for Sage-Femme Midwifery. Having Kelly care for us during our pregnancy and home birth was one of the best decisions we have ever made. She is intelligent, compassionate, learned, and loving. Her approach is both holistic and supported by science. We are so blessed to have worked with her and plan to call her again when we get ready for baby #2.

Zoe from Schenectady, October 14, 2014

Kelly and her assistants (Kristin and Kristin) changed my life. I’m more than a satisfied customer – I am truly grateful to have met them. My first baby was born naturally, in a hospital, with another midwifery practice. Although nothing went ‘wrong’ as far as my caretakers were concerned, I was deeply traumatized by certain aspects of the experience, and struggled with postnatal depression. When, unexpectedly, we got pregnant again soon after, I was terrified of the birth. I finally decided to pay attention to my doubts about going with the same practice and hospital, and switched to Sage-Femme at 32 weeks. I could not be gladder that I did! It was only in conversation with Kelly and Kristin that I came to understand what had actually gone wrong in my first labor, and how things might be different.

Labor with my second baby was unimaginably better than with my first. Kelly and ‘the Kristins’ supported me, in person and by phone, through a long early labor so that when crunch time came I was rested, hydrated, calm, and present. Kristin (Klein) held my hand through all the tough stuff, and I felt like that connection, along with my husband on the other side, were the only things that kept me anchored to the earth. And when my son was born and we snuggled up in bed, my only tears were joyful. His birth was such a healing experience, and has transformed my relationship to my older son as well as my attitude towards motherhood. I feel like Sage-Femme Midwifery, in many ways, has given my children the mother they deserve. I’m gushing, and I’m not generally a gushy person, but they are that good! And home birth is that good! Just do it!

Erin from Rensselaer, October 13, 2014

I highly recommend Sage Femme! Best decision we made when we found out we were pregnant. We already know we will use Kelly again when we become pregnant with our second child in the future. Cannot say enough good things about what they do. We had an excellent experience, from start to finish and beyond!

Ashley from Mechanicville, April 26, 2014

Kelly and her team are amazing! The support, care and knowledge they offer can’t be beat. Having been told from the hospital OB I started out with that I would most likely end up with a C-section due to a kidney disease that I have, that most likely wouldn’t cause any issues during pregnancy, scared me. I had hoped that since I am healthy otherwise and show now symptoms of complications from my disease, that I wouldn’t need interventions. Kelly gave me the reassurance and comfort that I needed to know I could have a natural healthy pregnancy and birth and she will be my care provider from now on!

Kerri from Mechanicville, April 17, 2014

Kelly and her team of professionals helped make my homebirth dream a reality. From my very 1st visit with them, I felt I was in good hands. My visits were never rushed and they always took the time to address any of my concerns and answer all of my questions. They included my two young boys at my appointments and made sure they felt a part of the entire process, including the actual birth! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have more control over their birth.

Michelle from Albany, March 29, 2014

I switched practices to Sage-Femme Midwifery at 25 weeks. I was at a medical practice that spent less than five minutes with me at each appointment. It felt very impersonal and there were four doctors at the practice. Kelly was recommended to me by Katelyn Adams. I had never heard a woman rave about a medical practice the way she did. After checking out the practice online I reached out to my fellow momma friends to see if anyone had heard of Kelly. I received RAVE reviews from four friends who had the most amazing things to say about the practice. At that point I had to meet this woman! Our first meeting with Kelly was on the weekend and she spent over an hour with us at our consultation. My husband and I were blown away by her passion for delivering babes. She was extremely knowledgeable, loving, compassionate and willing to assist us not only in answering all of our questions but financially as well. We fell even more in love with her and birth assistant Kristen Klein with each prenatal appointment. The home visit at 36 weeks is a very special touch and makes you feel more at ease with the team. Our labor and delivery experience was a miracle as our little girl was a breech baby. The entire team of ladies (Kelly, Kristen, and Katelyn) put me at ease in the midst of the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. My husband and I truly enjoyed every moment we spent with the Sage-Femme team of ladies. Our little girl is our greatest accomplishment and we are forever grateful to the loving ladies who brought her into this world. I will birth with Kelly and her team with each additional child. The whole team, including Suzi, are like family to us!! To top it off they pamper their pregnant mommas with massage and chiropractic care! It doesn’t get any better than Sage-Femme Midwifery!

Cara from Albany, March 22, 2014

As a placenta encapsulator, I can say with confidence that Sage Femme and other homebirth midwives in the area have moms with THE biggest, healthiest, most awesome placentas. Which is an indicator of healthy, attentive and awesome prenatal care!

Leah from Albany, December 31, 2013

I have had two home births with Sage Femme midwifery, and it was truly the best care I’ve received from any medical provider. Kelly offers offer unmatched personal attention (hour long appointments) and is highly skilled, caring, knowledgeable and always available for questions/concerns. I completely trusted her for my birth, and appreciated her always discussing any medical decision and offering the pros/cons/options etc. I highly recommend Sage Femme midwifery and will be coming back for my next birth!

Jodi from Catskill, December 25, 2013

When my boyfriend filed my son’s birth certificate last month the very confused clerk asked him if he was sure our son was born in our town. He chuckled and went on to joke that his girlfriend is a bit of a hippie and insisted on a home delivery. Truth is, I wouldn’t consider my particular label to be “hippie”. I’ve seen myself as “Mother” to my four other children, “Nurse” to the people and families I’ve taken care of for nearly a decade now, and “the patient” to the hospital staff that took care of me for my four previous deliveries. April fifth Kelly came to my home to “help my baby out” (her phrase, not mine; but doesn’t it sound better than “delivering my baby” since I was the one who delivered him?) Once I surrendered myself in trust to her capable care I was no longer a “mother”, “nurse”, or “patient”. I was a WOMAN having baby.

Jamie from Latham, November 23, 2013

Our journey to midwifery began with a doctor telling us we were having a miscarriage. After finding out we were NOT having a miscarriage we switched doctors and were still not happy. Our first meeting with Kelly lasted for 1 ½ hours. I fell in love with her and knew from that moment I wanted her to deliver our baby. She has the most gentle, calming, positive way about her. The day I met her I remember feeling so loved and so cared for, more so than all the other doctors we saw. Midwifery is not a job for her…it is a calling and she accepts this calling so willingly and literally will do whatever she can to serve and love on her ladies and babes. She is quick to listen, slow to speak and the most calming gentle person I have ever met. I looked forward to every visit with her knowing she would sooth my fears and concerns within our hour of “tea”; I say that because a “visit” with her is like hanging out with an old friend. She is simply amazing! I miss our visits now that I am not pregnant! Speaking of the birth, I really don’t know if I could have done it without her and the ladies. My daughter was “stuck” and was having a little trouble coming out. Of course I was a little concerned but after every contraction I would look at Kelly and say, “is she ok?” and she (with her eyes closed from concentrating) would say, “yep.” I cannot tell you the peace that that “yep” brought to be each and every contraction. I trust her with my life, and my baby girl’s life and I cannot wait to have another birth with her. I feel so blessed to have been able to have a birth with Kelly and look forward to having our second with her again!

Cassandra from Ballston Lake, November 22, 2013

Kelly delivered both of my babes. I know its cliché, but I couldn’t have been any happier with the care that we received. She is SO knowledgeable and always encourages and supports informed decision making. You’re always in control of your care. She doesn’t just start telling you what she’s going to do. Rather, she tells you what her recommendation would be and WHY; she always covers both the risks and benefits and reminds you that you have the option of saying no. In her office you’re not a patient, you’re a friend… a human being. I trust her implicitly. I’d love to be pregnant again just so I could do another home birth with Kelly. 🙂

Jamie from Latham, November 20, 2013

Our journey to midwifery began with a doctor telling us we were having a miscarriage. After finding out we were NOT having a miscarriage we switched doctors and were still not happy. Our first meeting with Kelly lasted for 1 ½ hours. I fell in love with her and knew from that moment I wanted her to deliver our baby. She has the most gentle, calming, positive way about her. The day I met her I remember feeling so loved and so cared for, more so than all the other doctors we saw. Midwifery is not a job for her…it is a calling and she accepts this calling so willingly and literally will do whatever she can to serve and love on her ladies and babes. She is quick to listen, slow to speak and the most calming gentle person I have ever met. I looked forward to every visit with her knowing she would sooth my fears and concerns within our hour of “tea”; I say that because a “visit” with her is like hanging out with an old friend. She is simply amazing! I miss our visits now that I am not pregnant! Speaking of the birth, I really don’t know if I could have done it without her and the ladies. My daughter was “stuck” and was having a little trouble coming out. Of course I was a little concerned but after every contraction I would look at Kelly and say, “is she ok?” and she (with her eyes closed from concentrating) would say, “yep.” I cannot tell you the peace that that “yep” brought to be each and every contraction. I trust her with my life, and my baby girls life and I cannot wait to have another birth with her. I feel so blessed to have been able to have a birth with Kelly and look forward to having our second with her again!

Angie from Tupper Lake, November 20, 2013

Using Sage-Femme Midwifery for my baby growing/having was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I have only fond feelings about my prenatal care, my homebirth, and the amazing postnatal support that I received. It is a well-rounded and very complete form of care that they practice. I feel SO happy and grateful that I could bring my daughter into the world in such a way. I had the pleasure of working with Kelly, Kristen B and Kristen Klein who all brought their own calm, capable energy to my birth. I should also add that they each went to great lengths to travel to me for my care, which I appreciate immensely. I would encourage anyone who is at all interested in using a more sensitive and natural approach to pregnancy/childbirth to at least meet with this team, you will be glad you did.

Sasha from Ballston Spa, November 20, 2013

I don’t even know if I have the words to describe Kelly and the whole birth team at Sage-femme. Once under Kelly’s wing and educating myself on home birth I became a home birth snob. I wish I could redo my first 3 births to have them like my 4th, at home. With Kelly’s knowledge, experience an insane instincts, I felt like I was in the best hands a girl could dream of. It’s people like her that make the science of cloning humans a necessity). I just can’t say enough of the entire team. I heart them all.

Emily from Rochester, October 21, 2013

Having Kelly care for us during our pregnancy and home birth was one of the best decisions we have ever made. She is intelligent, compassionate, learned, and loving. Her approach is both holistic and supported by science. We are so blessed to have worked with her and plan to call her again when we get ready for baby #2.

Elaine from Glenville, October 02, 2013

My husband and I are very fortunate to have had three midwife-supported pregnancies and births, two in Ontario, and one here in New York with Sage-Femme Midwifery. What I appreciate the most about Kelly is that, instead of making me feel like she has everything under control, she made my husband and I feel that we were in control, and up to the task of welcoming our baby the way we wanted to. Our pregnancy with Kelly was relaxed and well supported, our birth was AMAZING, and the post-partum care was above and beyond my expectations. Kelly really makes you feel like you can do anything. Love her!

Rachel from Clifton Park, August 24, 2013

I can’t say enough good things about Kelly and her team. From getting me the prenatal attention I needed after arriving back home from Africa at 4 months gestation, to answering mine and my husbands never ending questions and concerns, their professional and genuine care was felt by ALL! They turned doubters into advocates, and I have been able to wholeheartedly recommend their services to so many ladies and their families. What could have been a prolonged and difficult birth was handled with skill and compassion, and there is no experience in my life that can compare! The care they provided didn’t stop at assisting our home birth, but has carried on into many areas. If you are considering hiring a midwife, do yourself a favor and contact Kelly and the team of Sage-Femme.

Jessica from Rensselaer, August 2, 2013

I just had my second baby with Sage Femme. Although I rated it 5 stars when I had my first child 2 years ago, I never wrote my review.

I simply cannot say enough good things about this practice. I switched from a popular mainstream practice during my 7th month in my first pregnancy because I felt I wasn’t getting enough care. I felt like a number, or part of an assembly line. One in, one out, one in, one out. The doctors there would come in, look at my chart while their hand was on the door knob, “sooo… do you have any questions?” This is not the care I wanted , nor deserved.

I had already heavily researched midwifery and home birth and was ready to start interviewing. I rely on reviews and Kelly and Sage Femme had no negatives to reflect. Sage Femme was the first to interview. I was drawn to them because of the information on the website. It “clicked” with me – mirroring my own beliefs on how birth should be handled. After meeting with Kelly I just knew she was the one that I wanted to be with us during the birth of our first child. She radiates calm and knowledge and I instantly felt at peace in her presence.

During the next two appointments with Kelly I got to know her and spent more time with her than I did with other doctors during all of my appointments combined in the last 7 months with the other practice. She meets with you for an hour each appointment to discuss your WHOLE well-being during pregnancy, emotional and physical. She evaluates your diet and asks questions about things no one bothered to ask me at the other practice, all without judgement. Goodness, I could go on and on but really – my honest to God opinion is that you aren’t getting good enough care unless you are getting midwifery care. Especially the Kelly model!

Megan from Greenwich, May 24, 2013

Sage-Femme team is the best care a woman could have. You may be seeking a just another healthcare provider but in the end you will find more then that with these ladies you will end with a beautiful relationship, a friendship that is deep because they labor with you and seeing you through your entire pregnancy and wellbeing. Kelly gives her all for her women and I am so thankful and blessed that my family has a midwife that cares so much.

Jenny from Saratoga Springs, October 09, 2012

I have had three births. Kelly has attended the last two. Carrie also participated in my care for the last birth. The care I have received has been unsurpassed by any care provider I have ever seen (including non-birth related care). I would recommend Sage Femme to any expectant mother. This practice is the gold standard of evidence based midwifery care that I am grateful to have had access to. I only wish I knew this type of care existed with my first birth!

Rebecca from Greenfield, June 03, 2012

I would give birth over and over again with these ladies there to support me!! They provide amazing support during pregnancy, birth, and beyond!! Can’t wait to have another beautiful birth with them as my midwives!!

Angel from Saratoga, May 24, 2012

1000 stars! What an absolutely amazing practice. I have never had or heard of any medical practice with even half the amount of GENUINE care and concern for their patients. I cannot talk more highly about the very educated, experienced, natural, patient, thorough, good hearted Kelly McDermott and her staff! I couldn’t imagine a better experience for my family to bring a baby into this world. I am so grateful.

Maeve from Saratoga Springs, May 24, 2012

Kelly was my midwife during my first pregnancy and my second. My second child was born at home with her and Carrie. They were great, they listened to me and gave me just what I needed and asked for, not what they thought I needed. They treated me with respect throughout the entire process.

Tara from Middleburgh, May 24, 2012

Kelly and her team are the most amazing women. Graceful, gracious and caring. Kelly listens, gives thoughtful advice, and has blessed gentle hands. I would not have another baby without Kelly.

Lisa from Amsterdam, May 20, 2012

Kelly is a wonderful and very experienced midwife. She was my midwife for the birth of my son, Philip and was assisted by Carrie, who is also great. Kelly is not just extremely experienced, competent and knowledgeable, but she’s a kind and caring woman as well. The perfect midwife! I am so grateful for everything she did for me while I was pregnant with Philip, during the birth and the postpartum period. I *highly* recommend her. You can’t go wrong with choosing Kelly as your midwife. I hope to be able to have her as my midwife for any future children God gives us.

Katlyn from Saratoga Springs, May 08, 2012

We LOVE Kelly and her team!! We had a beautiful home birth assisted by Kelly. My husband and I are 100% satisfied with our experience with Sage-Femme. Midwives are amazing!! Always there for you with their time and hearts. We were thrilled to have the birth we wanted! Thank you Sage-Femme!

Heather from Saratoga Springs, May 08, 2012

Kelly and Carrie are the greatest duo to have accompany you during your experience! They make you feel at ease and are there supporting you along your journey from pregnancy to motherhood and beyond. Very knowledgeable about everything baby. I had the honor of doing a homebirth with these two. My son did not breathe for the first 2 mins, Kelly and Carrie did not hesitate, and they jumped right into action with all the necessary utensils. Ultimately he responded to Kelly just puffing some of her own breathe right into him. I cannot say enough about how amazing and wonderful this experience was. Thank you Sage-Femme!

Andrea, April 05, 2012

Kelly was my midwife for both of my pregnancies. You can’t find a better health care practitioner. Kelly’s standard of care surpasses any that I have ever seen. She focuses on the what the patient feels, wants, and needs. There is rarely a wait to see her before an appointment and if so, it’s less than 10 minutes. Then she dedicates an entire hour each visit so no one feels rushed and every need can be addressed. Kelly offers both holistic and conventional solutions for medical issues. She encourages each of her ladies to have the birth experience they have always wanted and she will do everything in her power to see that it happens. My first birth with Kelly was in a hospital and my second was at home. Neither experience would have been the same without the enrichment of Kelly’s presence and expertise! You absolutely can’t go wrong with this woman! Her practice is called Sage Femme Midwifery – look her up! 🙂

Helene, April 03, 2012

Kelly and her team are truly the best. We had a wonderful experience preparing for our home birth under Kelly’s care. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly for pregnancy, birth or women’s health in general.

Josh, April 03, 2012

It’s difficult to put into words how much Sage-Femme has meant to my family, specifically the Director, Kelly McDermott. Kelly and this practice have completely raised our “bar” of expectations of what quality, personal health care should be. My wife was the first to meet and develop a relationship with Kelly, and I immediately observed how connected and at-ease she was with her. Later, I was afforded the opportunity to meet her and to be introduced to the whole idea of home-birth. Jump forward a couple years and my wife and I are now parents to not one, but TWO healthy and beautiful children. All thanks to Kelly! Choosing home-birth was truly one of the easiest choices for us, but only because of the provider. If Kelly and her staff were not around, I’m not sure that we would have chosen this option. Kelly cares deeply for her patients, and dedicates significant amounts of her time, energy and emotions making sure that they and their baby are healthy and progressing properly. Thank you Kelly (and Carrie too) for all that you have done for my family and I. You are forever etched into our family tree, and we are blessed to not only call you our midwife, but our friend.

Missy, April 02, 2012

I recommend Kelly and Sage Femme to anyone I know who is pregnant or just needs good, compassionate, thorough care for women’s issues. She is super knowledgeable, makes herself available to her women, listens, and seeks to work with me to find solutions that fit my body and needs. She not only cares about me but about my entire family. The compassion and empathy I receive from her (and all who work with her!) far surpasses any other health care professional I have ever seen. She cared for me during my 2nd pregnancy and cared for and delivered my 3rd baby. Appointments are never rushed and my other children were welcome to attend appointments, play with the toys, and help with listening to the baby’s heartbeat and taking mommy’s blood pressure. She includes the whole family. My birth experience with her was amazing; she was with me every minute of my labor and assured me that I could do it! She knew before I did that I was close to having my baby and walked with me though it all! She believes in her women and in the birth process – she knows women are strong and that comes through in her care. She cares beyond just birth though. She fights and advocates for her moms and their babies! I trust her completely!

Cheryl, April 02, 2012

A highly experienced, nurturing, knowledgeable, and passionate midwifery practice – you can trust Kelly and her team. They will provide you with empowering care, respect, wisdom and attention. After just losing my mother in a hospital/ having my first pregnancy end in miscarriage in the hospital setting, and always feeling inferior/rushed/sterile and unknown in doctor’s offices, I was fortunate to be able to have a home birth with someone I felt actually took the time to know me, answer my many questions without judgment, and cared about me and my baby. And with Carrie just knowing exactly what to do and say to get me to finally push my baby into this world- I don’t know how I would have done it without her too! Kelly and Carrie’s care has meant everything to me and my husband and we feel so fortunate to have them currently for our second pregnancy as well. Kelly will go the extra mile in supporting her women and their families (even talking with my sisters who are doctors and were non supportive of my homebirth choice), and will work with your specific needs – financial, emotional, educational, physical. A rare find in today’s world – care above and beyond what I wanted and needed. We feel so blessed to be in Sage-Femme Midwifery’s care and trust them with the most important thing to us-the safe and peaceful birth and nurturing of our family.

Judi, April 02, 2012

I was privileged enough to have Kelly for my 9th baby. I had to have a C-section but I had all my visits with Kelly and she was with me in the delivery room. I have worked with other midwives and doctors in the past but none of them were as good with care and my baby’s care as Kelly. I thought I was an experienced Mom delivery number 9. I have to say Kelly had way more experience than I and could even anticipate my needs before I even knew I had a need. My hats off to Kelly and her work! Thank You.

Kristi, April 02, 2012

I cannot speak highly enough of Kelly. I went looking for a midwife for my second pregnancy and found so much more than that. I knew the day I experienced a miscarriage that I was in the hands of an amazing person. I had only known her for a little over a week and she sat with me the entire time at the hospital as I endured the pain of losing my baby. She worked with me as I got pregnant again and taught me and showed me that I was truly in control of my body and my baby the entire time. I had never felt so empowered or trusted a medical professional as much as I did her. She took her time at all of my appointments and was there for a most amazing water birth. When number three came, Kelly was one of the first people I called. Again, my experience was amazing. I am so thrilled to find out now that I can turn to her for my general health and womanly care without dealing with insurance mumbo jumbo! THANK YOU, Kelly for being such an invaluable and amazing resource to our community!

Jessica, April 02, 2012

Kelly attended the birth of my fifth baby, which was also my first home birth. I felt immediately at ease from my very first consultation. She struck me as a practitioner who cares deeply for women and wants them to have the safest, most comfortable and positive birth experience possible, regardless of what that experience might be for that mother. I was impressed by her knowledge and experience and always felt myself to be in good hands, I received much more comprehensive prenatal care with this birth and was counseled in areas of nutrition, rest, exercise, supplements, and mental and emotional well-being to a greater extent than with any of my previous births. Carrie was equally wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about Sage-Femme and I recommend this practice to my friends often.

Stefanie, February 01, 2012

Kelly McDermott assisted with the births of both of my children. She is a very experienced midwife and made me feel extremely comfortable. If you want to have a homebirth or a hospital birth, Kelly & Sage-Femme can provide you with the services you want/need and prepare you for a great experience. She is knowledgeable of the local birthing network and can direct her clients to complementary services (chiro, education, physical therapy, herbals, etc.). The BEST of the BEST!

Eva, February 01, 2012

For excellent care and a loving heart, go see these midwives!! Cannot imagine having to birth a baby with them…..very knowledgeable, passionate, and caring.

Suzi from Glenville, February 01, 2012

Deciding to go to Sage-Femme Midwifery for OB/GYN care is probably the best health decision I’ve made. Kelly is an amazing midwife. She offers compassionate, professional support. She is well versed in recent medical advancements and research, provides care of her patients’ whole well-being and does it all with a patient, non-judgmental view. Her bedside manner is warm and mothering. Her experience is varied and vast. Her knowledge of a woman’s body and needs is great. I have recommended her to many friends and family members. All who have chosen to go to her have loved her. She has helped me with pregnancy and routine care. If you are looking for someone who knows women, knows the most current information, respects a woman’s right to make her own choices about her birth experience and does it all in a nurturing environment, then go to Sage-Femme.

Katelyn, February 01, 2012

Kelly McDermott provides services that every OB practice should be providing- Women and baby centered care- treating people with respect, gentleness and dignity. Sage Femme makes informed decisions a number one priority- it is not about where or how to give birth, but rather what is the best situation for you, and your family. They provide individualized care tailored to your needs and wishes. Kelly is not just a midwife; she is a friend, inspiration and hero. She is on the frontlines of protecting women in how they choose to deliver, and empowers women by putting the control of their health care decisions back into their hands. At Sage Femme you are not a patient, you are a person.

Kelly and her team are highly competent and very well trained and have experience in both the hospital and home settings. They draw from a wealth of knowledge and expertise.
I have learned a great deal from them and have been highly recommending them to everyone that I know! 🙂 Thank you Sage Femme for assisting me in the birth of my son./

Karen, February 01, 2012

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Sage-Femme. At first I was concerned having a home birth and I had many questions and concerns. Anything that I inquired about was answered as well as any questions my partner and our families had. We were also encouraged to do our own research to find answers to what we wanted for our family and our baby. I had my baby at home over the summer and I will never birth another way. The women at Sage-Femme are some of the kindest, wise, and knowledgeable people I know. Instead of being told what to do, I was given choices and information to make my own decisions about my birth plan and what I wanted for myself and my baby. We were also provided access to other services like breastfeeding classes, support groups, books, and many others. They really took the time to get to know me and my family. I highly recommend these women to anyone that is pregnant or wants to have a baby. You will not be disappointed.

Morgan, January 31, 2012

I cannot praise Kelly & Carrie enough. Knowledgeable, competent, caring, always willing & able to fully answer my questions, and comfortable to be around. How often do you find yourself trying to stay LONGER at a doctor’s office because it’s so enjoyable? That was the case for me at Sage-Femme. I felt and appreciated that Kelly presumed that my pregnancy would be normal & uncomplicated; at the same time I had total confidence that she was alert for anything that needed checking out and would not hesitate to mention it. Wouldn’t consider anyone else if I was pregnant again!

Sarah, January 31, 2012

What a blessing it was to have Kelly and Carrie attending the birth of our son. Professional and caring, flexible and, well, amazing! Sage-Femme will be the first we call if another little one joins us. I would highly recommend any woman expecting or thinking about getting pregnant to get in touch with Kelly to talk about what an empowering and special experience a birth can be.

Amy, January 31, 2012

I cannot praise Kelly McDermott and the staff at Sage-Femme enough! Kelly is an incredibly wise, competent, empowering, mother hen of a midwife. I will certainly be birthing any future babies with her. From start of pregnancy through babe in arms and beyond, Kelly is the midwife in whom to place your trust.

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